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June 16, 2008


Brother John

Ah yes! I remember well the day a friend of mine and I were hiking my Uncle's property along the Susquehanna River. We had come to a small creek running off of that and my friend hiked right into the water meaning to cross to the other side. Of course, I followed. About three quarters of the way across he yelled back to me that the bottom was very icy. I had about two seconds to process what he was saying before I too was headed down the creek (toward the river!) using the very same method described by you in your post. I'd try to stop, to stand, and would go right back down.

So... don't feel too bad. These are the elements of true adventure!

Brother John
Lansdowne, Pennsylvania USA


Excellent visual Brother John! I wonder if the Susquehanna ducks are as mean as our Okanagan ducks...

Brother John

Now this one's for the audio. I LOVE the sound of water flowing. I've always said that water is one of my power sources. Whenever I hike, I always make a point to be near a flowing stream at some point.

I was lucky enough once to have had a portable stereo recorder with two microphones each having very long leads. I placed one upstream and the other downstream and began recording.

F A N T A S T I C Results!

I noticed there isn't a true stereo or monaural recording with your sample. One channel has the creek sounds (nice!) and the other channel is getting some kind of weird feedback or noise. At least it is on my end.

I could clean that up for you if you wish? Unless you want to do it I mean. I like doing that sort of thing.

Either way, I'd love to use it for meditation if you'd permit me?

Brother John
Lansdowne, Pennsylvania USA


Wow - you know your audio.

That'd be great if you wanna clean it up, Brother J. I'd like to hear the two versions back to back. And feel free to loop it and use it to your hearts content - no copyright!

Brother John

Ok. Check out my blog site to see Brother John playing in the creek. Yeah... he's all wet.


I just listened to your 'redo' of the creek sfx. It's excellent!

As I mentioned on your site, you have an wonderful ear for detail, Brother J. Still can't figure out the sounds at the end - I thought it was gonna be someone falling in the water and then flailing around in the creek. Oooohhh - scary flashbacks.

Spill the beans, what is it?

Brother John

I commented to that very question on my BlogSite. I have now included a hint at the end of the post in the form of an animated GIF. You were on the right track.

By the way, "falling into the creek" actually happens even though I didn't point it out. Listen again closely and about half way through you'll hear a subtle "splash" but it's quick! I hide all kinds of things in my SoundScapes.

Brother John
Lansdowne, Pennsylvania USA

Brother John

For those who don't want to find the splash it's near 1:16.


Found it. The only thing missing is a high pitched shriek and several well placed cuss words.

Brother John

Thank Ye Sai for the kind words. Anytime you want to try out some ideas involving a soundscape, just let me know. I rather enjoyed doing this one.

By the way... there are MANY who are better at doing this, or who have better hardware to do this type of thing. I only use software and my skills would be considered, by them, to be basic. But it doesn't mean I wouldn't love to get more involved in the learning process. I'm a great experimenter. I think I need to become someone's apprentice. Yeah. That would probably do it nicely.

I often dream of setting up a home studio and getting into all sorts of multimedia. You should see what I can do relating to digital art! But Audio, Video, Graphics, all are of interest to me.

Brother John

Hey Kelsi! Four words:

Crunchy Cheddar JalapeƱo Cheetos.

Now I KNOW there is a GOD!!!

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