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February 28, 2011



Hi Kelsi, you are really doing good with your investments, we are mostly sitting on cash and some TLT treasury bills which with the Canadian/Us dollar and TLT fluctuations we have done alright with very little risk. (The 2008 crash really shook us up). Out of curiosity how did your investments do in 2008 or did you pull out at the right time?


Mr P - I got my butt kicked in my RRSP in '08. But my non-reg account is more than 3x larger than my RRSP and it gained a little more than 10%. Overall we ended the year a little ahead.
And with a few strategic cap losses I had a LOT of available cash when good companies got really cheap at the end of '08 and in March '09. That was a huge turning point for our investments, and it was a combination of solid research and VERY LUCKY timing. I realize many folks lost 30+% of their portfolio so I feel damn lucky with our small gain.
If all goes to plan we'll reach our financial goals by 2014 and I'll start to move the majority of our investments into fixed income.


Hi Kelsi, thanks to your blog we have realized that most of our fun times were in our rv, so after 5 years we are now back into it! Our new one will be here in 5 weeks!

Jacq @ Single Mom Rich Mom

February was a great month for me too! I did the dirty market timing thing and sold some Suncor a week or so ago. Everything took a bit of a hit the last couple of days though. Oh well, still up quite a bit from December. Pembina's a good company, I have friends that work there. :-)

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