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February 25, 2011



Shelbert looks more relaxed with Norman now.
For those that wish they were back in Canada now, we are getting down to -18 at nite with highs of -5 in the Okanagan.


I had a carsick foster dog once. That was not pleasant. My car stunk for weeks.


Mr P - there's a couple here at Dodge City RV who are from Victoria. They have security webcams in their yard back home and they showed us pics a few days ago from a huge snowstorm in Victoria - of all places!

Does the cold weather make you and Mrs P wanna start heading south for the winter in your RV?


TucsonDaizy - we've tried a few things to help Norman (making sure he has a big drink of water before getting in the car, he sits in the front now, etc.) and they seem to be working.

And My Fella has become an expert puppy puke cleaner-upper :)

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