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February 14, 2011


John Calypso

You crack me up with your financial and expenditure reports - they are fun - do not stop!

Now I am wondering that $9.00 is for admission to an ADULT movie, or is that the ticket price for an adult to view a movie? Inquiring minds must know. :-)

Happy Valentines Day Amiga!


Senor C,
YES, inquiring minds WANT TO KNOW about that "ADULT" movie admission!! Now I am starting to piece together the puzzle of where Kelsi is heading every Wednesday afternoon. Hmmmm.......


A new doggy! Yay! He's so cute.


Tucson Daizy - yes, he's really sweet. I'll write more about him this weekend after we adopt him for sure. Right now we're just fostering him while he gets to know Shelbert, our other little mutt. Have to make sure they can tolerate each other.
We've actually been looking for another dog since we got here. Knowing how involved you are with local dog rescues, I was gonna ask you for help, but you're such a busy gal (working full-time AND fostering) I didn't want to bug you.
And I'm following your mortgage payoff goal - GOOD FOR YOU! Don't get discouraged now... you're so flippin' close :)

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