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February 19, 2011



Hi Norman, you got it made!


Awww...He looks really nice with his new haircut. I hope they become friends.

John Calypso

Congrats on the new member. Maybe it is time to be thinking about ANOTHER new member (the two legged variety)?


Mr P - thanks again for the info about the RV pressure test. We found an RV shop we really like here in Arizona and we'll probably do that when we take JohnnyDisco in for an oil change.

p.s. Norman says 'hi' back. Actually he said "Arf" but he assumed you'd know what that meant.


Daizy - Shelbert and Norm walk great together on a leash, and snooze peacefully on the couch but they just won't play together. Maybe they'll do better in a grassy off leash park - we'll try that when we get back to Canada.
Shelbert is 11 and has been in a one dog household all her life so I don't think she's gonna change her mind about romping with Norman. But she has been sort of maternal with him a few times.
I know you are involved in fostering dogs in southern Arizona and I can't say enough good stuff about you and the other folks that rescue pups. Wish there were more caring doglovers like YOU out there!


Senor C - bite your tongue! Or we'll have to get one of our pups to do it :)


Kelsi, congrats to you, and your Fella and Shelbert for the new addition. Oh and Norman, as a friend said to my cats yesterday "you won the lottery!"

Norman looks like a real sweetheart. I trust Shelbert will warm up as the days wear on.

Jacq @ Single Mom Rich Mom

Puppies can be so annoying to older dogs. At least Shelbert's not snapping at him, that's probably as good as it's going to get. My dog is jealous of anyone coming near me - including the kids!


McMom - I forgot to mention this in my comment on your website yesterday... "Nice Bike!!"


jjolie - In people years Shelbert is a senior, so if she wants to be grumpy sometimes, that's cool with us. She's definitely not snapping at Norman and they walk well on the leashes... just no puppy playtime together.
But they both get tons of love. And snacks!

Did you make a realtor decision or are you going it alone?

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