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February 16, 2011



Over a few years even a tiny leak can cause major problems. A leak behind a tail light where the wire goes thru, a leak at the tv antenna, or ladder, etc can eventually be very costly. We found out the hard, $$$$$ way. Every year, before the North Okanagan rain/snow season, I get a dealer to pressure test the entire unit for leaks, it does not cost a lot, and can pay off. They have always found small easy to fix leaks. Even a minor leak can cause a fibreglas wall to bulge from the wood backing delaminating.


Mr P - Do you get the pressure test done in Vernon or Winfield? Do you know (roughly) how much it is?


For 4 years I took it to Vernon Rv Service, they are strictly an Rv repair shop and don't sell RVs. I think they have been around for years and years and to me they seem very honest and reliable. I noticed they do a lot of insurance work. They are just a bit south west of Village Green mall. I can't remember the exact price but I think it usually was ballpark $125, for our 32 foot A. The leak test certainly gives peace of mind!

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