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March 13, 2011



Wow, the panel really makes it look good!

Stock Market tip: Buy shares of Home Depot.

John Calypso

The paneling works - very cool!


And he IS handsome! More handsome than the paneling, but I love it since I've actually checked out that paneling and thought maybe it was too flashy for a house that you're selling, but something I'd love in a house of my own. I'd go for the brushed nickel in my own, but yours looks very luxe!


Mr P - did you pick up your spiffy new unit yet? Details, please!


Gracias Senor C - I think it actually looks better in person.
My Fella, however, thinks it looks cheesy and 80's-ish. Obviously he doesn't understand those are two of my fave things: cheese and the 80's.


jjolie - I actually liked the brushed nickel the best, but it didn't fit JohnnyDiscos colour scheme.

Any bites on the house? Any plans for late summer/fall RV travels with your son??? (Sorry I haven't been following your blog lately - internet reception has been really spotty for the past few weeks.)


Hi, we missed reading your blog the last couple weeks. Our rv is being custom made in Indiana right now, it is a Forest River Sunseeker 2450 class C. My wife is having them put cupboards where the above cab extra bed would be. It has all the goodies, rear bed, electric awning, winter package, slide, gen, fibreglass roof, oven in stove, body paint glaze, ducted a/c, huge storage. It should be here near end of April. Don't hurry back our spring is rainy, cool, foggy, low clouds, you know what I mean.


Hey kelsi - nope, nothing in the neighbourhood is selling. We're not done yet anyway, I've got my kitchen cabinets in to the store, just have to go pick them up. Then my nephews are coming out to put in new windows and all the hardwood floor, baseboards etc.
I don't know, I talked to some people fairly high up in O&G this last week and they think it's going to take off again in Calgary next year. Not gas though, that should be 3 years, so I'm holding on to my Encana and wondering if I should put a bit more into Suncor and Cenovus. :-) Yikes, I am certainly not diversified!
And I'm working through April... that's ok. Maybe even longer - going to a sister division of the co. I've been consulting with. It's the old golden handcuffs thing. Every month of working brings in 6 months of living expenses - so hard to say no. But am drawing a line in concrete and not sand for the summer. Still not sure where we're going yet though. :-)

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