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March 04, 2011


Mexico Mavey

Hi ya guys,
Your renovation project is looking really nice.
I like the tile you put in.
We have 10 days left here and then we are heading north with two other couples.
Small world that it is one of the fellows lived in Salmon Arm for years and last year my former doctor was also in Lo de Marcos for a time and I never saw him once and he was in Cruz Marie.
Jeanette says the weather is still not nice at home and the snowbanks are up to there. We will take three days to get to Nogales. We'll keep you informed. Now off to search out motorhomes.

Luv ya all and looking forward to meeting Norman.

Mave N Mike


What kind of tile is it? I want to put new flooring in my RV. The faded rose (pink) carpet is really depressing.


WOW! Your fella even carries a circular power saw with him! Floor tiles tip: buy quality ones, we put self stick cheap ones on our rv floor and after a few years in the hot Okanagan storage lot quite a few of them started lifting. They would stick back down for a while but it was disappointing.


Hola Outlaws - Norman is looking forward to meeting you guys too!


Tucson Daizy - the tile we put in the office was just a cheaper Home Depot tile since we were only doing an 18 square foot, low traffic area. The tiles were .88 cents , or $18 for the entire project. They look awesome but I wouldn't use them in the high traffic areas of our rig (kitchen, bathroom).

In the rest of the RV, we're probably going with a product like the Trafficmaster Allure floating floor:
You can buy it at Home Depot and unless you're installing it on concrete it seems to hold up well. It's a floating floor and doesn't need to be glued down to a sub floor. We checked it out at Home Depot and it looks really good when installed. And I know a couple RV-ers that have used it and they love it... so far.
What were you thinking of using?


Mr P - congrats on your new rig... Very exciting! I bet you and your lovely bride are already planning summer trips :)

Thanks for the tile tip. We used cheaper tiles (but still decent quality) in the office area since it's so small and doesn't see a lot of foot traffic. have you ever hear of Trafficmaster Allure? That's what we'll probably use in the rest of the RV.


Our new rv is being made right now in Illinois and we will have it in 5 weeks or so. Our garage is already half full of things we are taking, (no circular saw tho), our first trip will be a local shakedown one, and then to the Oregon Coast!


I was thinking Allure too! One of my commenters recommended it and I had never heard of it but when I saw it at Home Depot it looked promising.

Jacq @ Single Mom Rich Mom

I put the Trafficmaster floating Allure into one area in my house - it looks great and is easy peasy to do too. I'd love to get all the carpet out of my moho but am not sure what to do about the cab part. Rental RV's just have some kind of plastic down and it's super easy to keep clean. Carpet? Not so much. Especially with dogs, it's really hard to keep everything clean with them.


jjolie - thanks for the vote for Trafficmaster. With so many folks giving it a thumbs up, we've pretty much decided to go with it for the entire RV. Did you install it in your house yourself? How did you cut it? Tin snips?

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