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March 09, 2011


South Beach Diet

I love your puppy, its looking really cool in the black goggles, and these desert photo's are awesome.


Excellent pics, interesting how our spoiled pets seem to easily put up with what ever the stranger vet does to them! Did you find the Passport America membership was worth getting? Is there anything else you would suggest?


Gone so soon? I can't believe we didn't get any rain recently. The drive would have been much prettier with wildflowers.


The Passport America membership has been worth it for us, Mr P. But keep in mind, we're pretty cheap and we look specifically for PA parks so we get always get the 50% discount.
Our lifetime membership cost $400, but we've already saved over $200 in discounts - so yes, I think it was definitely worth it for us.
We also have a Good Sam card but we're letting it expire because the discount is usually only 10% and we rarely use it.


T Daizy - My Fella and I are both sad we're leaving ... Tucson is one of our fave US cities.
But next time our RV rolls into your town (Oct or Nov) your mortgage will be PAID IN FULL. You're so close that I'M getting goosebumps for ya!

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