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March 28, 2011


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Will be back for sure.
Sorry, no gifts at the moment lol.

Still with you Kelsi!

I like the new name... Much more fitting!

Brenda - I found your town in western Arizona. I really wanted to swipe the welcome sign and send it to you, but common sense prevailed :)

Mexi-Croft ... we're following your journey home as well. Great posts.
Is everything squared away with your credit card?

Thanks Amanda.
By the way, Winston and Eddie are both adorable. Hope you don't mind but I saved the pic of Winston sitting on his bum like a human and it's my new desktop screen. So flippin cute!

Wow, your blog could have been written by us, except that you started 10 years earlier! Glad you are continuing with your new site.

Hi Kelsi....may I add you to my blogroll?

Hey Carol - sure, I'd love to be part of your blogroll. I can't return the favour cause I don't have one... but I DID go back through your archives and your blog is really well written. Funny stuff. Love the 'Old, Fat and Cranky' post. And the one about your Aunt Florence.
Interesting tidbit about Pensionize Your Nestegg - I haven't read the book but one of the authors (Alex McQueen) contributes to one of my online biz forums. She gives solid, thoughtful advice so I'm sure her book is a great resource.
p.s. My Fella and I also met online.

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