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August 18, 2011


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It's looks like a really idyllic spot!

Can a place be 'really' idyllic? Well, grammer aside, it looks great!!

We have a similar gazebo that we only put up for a short time each year. I took a felt marker and numbered the poles where they went together, now it is much easier to put up without having to look carefully at the instructions 50 times. It works very well for the sun, rain and bugs! (golf balls)

Mr P - we kept the instructions 'cause I KNOW we'll need them again. How long have you had your gazebo? Is the canvas starting to rip at all? Are the posts/poles rusting?

Your grammar is impeccable - after all, you ARE the NewsMama. Even if you're longer a news mama. (Until I come up with another nickname, that's gonna have to suffice. CactusMama just doesn't have the same ring to it...)

Our gazebo has stood up quite well, the sun will fade and weaken it a bit and it should be anchored down in case of a gust of wind. If you leave it up all summer I don't think it will last 10 years tho.

Great job!! I know exactly the "bossing me around" thing...lol...after all, I married a planner...aka Mr. BossyPants...

Mr P - we're hoping for 10 years, but I'll settle for 6. We plan on keeping the canvas up from May to the end of Sept; roughly 5 months a year. But I'm planting trees around it for more protection.

Hola Carol! Happy to see you were just on vacation. When your blog hadn't been updated for awhile I thought you stopped blogging; made me sad. But you're back!
And I totally agree about the beauty of the Kootenays; My Fella used to work at a golf course in the Columbia Valley and we loved it out there...

Just bought the same gazebo how has yours held up so far

Graeme - the Benin gazebo is holding up well in the current heat (30+C) and looks really good on our lot. We paid $300 for it on sale at Walmart, but everything is more expensive here in BC.
Was yours on sale too? How much and where (if you don't mind sharing)?
We'll see how it looks in three or four years, but for now we're really happy with this gazebo and would buy it again.

Bought this gazebo this summer. Looks great! Instructions for putting it up were not great. Had to read between the lines. Some steps were missing, but both of us have enough experience at building things that we did what we used some common sense and got it up in a reasonable amount of time. Pity the person who is not a handy-(man)person. After a couple of weeks, heavy winds and rains were forecasted, so I took off all the walls & roof. With the heavy rains, water got inside the posts and it "rained" RUST all over the deck and white siding of our house. Some posts (4)got bent from the winds. We live in a sheltered area, surrounded by trees, so the winds were not bad like in open areas. I would've thought that without the tarp roof, it should've withstood the winds...OH well, GOOD LUCK to those of you hoping to get a few years out of it.

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