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October 29, 2011


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Hey Kelsi, how fast were you driving (on an average) and which park are you at? There are lots of parks in alabama averaging around $350 a month with full hookups, just curious on where you ended up.
stay safe!

Hey K - My Fella was usually doing the speed limit except in Texas where we drove a little under that because the wind was pushing against us so hard. We had some longer days (9 hours) mixed in with shorter ones (about 6 hours).
The real name of Peanut Park is Emmaus RV Resort in Baldwin County. There are quite a few parks in this area but this one really fit our needs: the sites are huge and you are a looong way from your neighbours, it's quiet and caters to adults only, the internet is reliable and very speedy, it's not in the middle of a city, etc. And it's a short drive to the Tanger Outlets, the Gulf Coast, Pensacola, Mobile, etc.
All the other parks we saw - ranging in price from $300 to $500 - had RV's really packed in close together and that was the #1 thing we wanted to stay away from.

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