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November 13, 2011


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Looks good and an excellent price! We always put a heat insulator mat under ours when we are using it. Most of the cookers we had left the counter tops too warm for my liking, and I don't know how much heat the arborite glue can take.

Mr P - good tip on the heat mat - I'll look into it.
More importantly, tell me what kind of weather we're missing in the Okanagan... has it snowed yet?
It's a humid 22C right now (7pm) in Alabama. The armadillos all say "hi, and get well soon!!!"

You aren't missing out on anything weather wise. Snow last night, low cloud a lot, highs near 5 and lows just below freezing have been typical. Guess you heard our Armstrong news, people are very fearful now, there is an big absence of pedestrians out at night. Reading your blogs and thinking of using our RV next summer is fast tracking my healing. What are you going to do while they repair your motorhome?

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