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November 04, 2011


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I remember you didn't believe me when I said that peanuts were not a nut but a legume and grew in the ground. Now you've seen it! They are harvesting the cotton out here and the dust is not nice.
Mike has caught a cold somewhere and is not feeling good at all. I just had him take an advil. Hope that will help.
Your pics and your park look very nice. We are a block away from the main train route so it's not too quiet at this park but it is cheap. I think I'll do some laundry today. ciao for now,
the outlaws

PB sandwiches are still one of my favorites! Interesting tidbits and photos. Peanuts are actually a legume, not a nut at all.

Safe Travels,


Rats! My youngest kid won't eat bread so has never had a p.b. sandwich. Plus they're not allowed to have them at school anyway due to nut allergies. The oldest though - p.b. fiend!

Mavey - Tell Outlaw Pa to get better quick... I heard a rumour that the ice cold Tecate is waiting for him!

Hi Terry (of the famous Traveling Terry and Martha Duo)
My Fella is a huge peanut butter fiend and is now trying to convince me that the 8 servings of veggies I shove down his throat every day can be replaced by peanuts and peanut butter ... cause it's a legume/vegetable :)

jjolie - your youngest won't eat bread? ANY bread? How about a hamburger bun ... or pizza crust? Fresh baked buns? Is it a medical thing or just a phase?

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