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January 01, 2012


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Happy New Year, friends!!

Feliz Ano Nuevo, right back atcha! Give your little family a hug and smooch for us...
By the way, I can NOT open your xmas card. I've tried every morning for the past few weeks, but all that pops up is a box that asks if I want to purchase Microsoft Office 2010. ???
I was gonna tell you but I didn't want to look like a big dummy if I was just doing something wrong :)

no worries. i will send it in a pdt which is what i should have done anyway!

Finally got the card. Your kids are ridiculously cute.
Are you SURE they're yours? :)
Feliz Ano Nuevo, bud!

the murals are very well done eh? Only five more sleeps til we're on our way, eh?

Only one more sleep, Mavey ... Have fun and stay safe!

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