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January 31, 2012


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We will keep our fingers crossed for you! I am sure the factory will do a good job. How long are they going to keep it?

We left it there for two weeks, Mr P.
And if everything isn't fixed we're prepared to camp in the parking lot until it's finished :)
But here's something interesting... we didn't see many older Tiffin models waiting for service - the majority of them seemed to be one to three years old. Hmmm.

We too wish you good luck. We were on part of the Great Wall of China today. It was cold enough up there to freeze the you-know-whats-its off a brass monkey. Saving grace? The sun was shining. lol Going to The Forbidden City, Tiana Men Square, Temple of Heaven, Pearl Market, Summer Palace and Kung Fu Show. I get the toque this time.
Mom and Dad

We also hope that all the fixes are completed to your satisfaction. Kind of shameful to have to go through all of the waiting to get service.

Dave and i are in mazatlan fishing and swimming. Love it here!!!

Rene` - We don't mind waiting for the service...we just want everything to be fixed properly - especially the major things - so we don't have to make another trip back to Red Bay.
The Tiffin service department has already sent us an email to update us on the work thats been completed thus far.
They are definitely taking our concerns seriously.

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