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January 20, 2012


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It is very good that they are proud to share their history. Looks like a very interesting city.

Mr P - My Fella and I could not get over how clean it was in downtown Montgomery. No garbage, no graffiti... the city was spotless compared to Kelowna, Vernon or Penticton.
We drove thru a few residential areas with the huge antebellum homes - and we drove thru a lot of mobile home parks too. (There are TONS of mobile home parks in Alabama. Tons.)

You two make fine young tourists - thanks for the photos and report.

Educational reads and really nice photos too. Have not visited this city but it's one to plan for in the future.

Senor C - yeah, we've done a lot of touring over the past 3 months in Alabama. And we've learned a lot too (how peanuts and cotton grow, about the Montgomery Bus Boycott, the history of the Civil Rights Movement, etc)... I'm sure all this is old news to most folks, but it was new to me and My Fella.
'Learning' has become one of my favourite things about RV-ing.
Who woulda thunk it?

Rene - have you and your bride decided on a wireless option yet, or are you gonna wait til next winter to get something?
And tell AC (from Alabama) that we think his home state is very cool!

Hope everything is ok with you after the terrible tornados Alabama just had.

That's sweet, Mr P - yes, we're fine. Those recent tornadoes touched down about an hour north of our RV park.
We're almost getting used to the tornado watches and warnings that spring up every couple weeks in different Alabama counties.
You know My Fella works at a golf course so he's always been into monitoring the weather and watching online radar - and being here in tornado country we've both become much more conscious of what's happening in the sky.
Before coming to Alabama, neither of us had any idea that this area saw so many winter tornadoes. Holy Moly.
p.s. How did Mrs. P's roast turn out?

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