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January 28, 2012


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Wow! Well done. Interesting comment from the founder and CEO....and let us know if it truly was from him

Well the picture in his comment avatar does kinda look like him. I'll definitely keep you updated on this crazy mystery.
(Might as well, now that I've been exposed as a closet CEO groupie :)

Hey there, alway enjoy reading about your adventure. It's very likely you were contacted by the CEO. A lot of companies now have software that allows them to track social media. They choose the words they want to track and are alerted when they come up. The company can respond if it's negative or in your case thank you for a positive. A sign they are doing some things well.

I think it was the STB CEO because your blog posting is showing up on the official STB facebook page. That is how I found your blog.

I've also been a long time investor in STB and have enjoyed the ride. An investor friend told me about it back when it was around $2 a share.

Hey BillB - great to hear from ya. I MISS you! How's the media biz?
I ran into a very happy shopkeeper in Foley, Alabama last month; when we exchanged pleasantries, she told me she was 'Outstanding!!!' and, of course, I immediately thought of you :)

Hey Larry, thanks for the heads-up. And happy to hear you like STB too. I try avoid raving about a specific stock on my blog cause it sounds too much like pumping, but this one has really been great for our portfolio.
I hope Student Transportation keeps chugging along cause I intend to keep my shares for the long haul.

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