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March 17, 2012


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We've always heard good things about Tiffin. Your experience with deficiencies seems out of the ordinary. If that's not the case, Tiffin has some serious work to do to improve quality control.

Here's hoping you need never return to Alabama....at least for RV repairs.

Kelsi, that was an excellent review of your service.

You really laid everything out well.

We are very happy to hear your concerns have been addressed.

Now you can get back to enjoying your "new and improved" Johnny Disco !!

Take care ... TnT

Amen to that, Rene`!
By the way, Aguanga got some cold weather over the weekend too - rain, wind and sleet yesterday. Yuck.

Thanks guys.
My Fella and I learned a LOT from this experience and we both feel better equipped to choose our next motorhome, whenever that may be.
Hard to believe we've had JohnnyDisco for more than two years.

Everything was fixed properly, that's what counts in the big picture. And you got to see Alabama, which seemed pretty nice according to your photos.

Mr P - everything seems to be working properly for the first time since we've owned JohnnyDisco, so yes, we're happy about that.
As far as visiting Alabama; I'm definitely glad we got the chance to see so much of it - now we can cross it off our list!
Are you and your lovely bride starting to plan for your winter getaway this fall?

I have graduated to a cane now, (it's been 7 months since the accident), and we are just itching to use our new RV. Any time now when the weather looks like it is going to stay good, we are going camping again! It will be so nice even to have a mini get away holiday anywhere out of the house. As far as heading south is concerned we will be joining the snowbirds for sure this winter.

Here is a good website listing most factory tours available in each state:


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