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March 08, 2012


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I just got an update from Cheryl. They are safe and sound in Webbers RV Park in San Miguel de Allende. They say they they were surrounded by a crowd before they could even back into their space by people who had read the story on RV.net or on my Blog.

Yes, they reported the incident to the police. Yes, they did memorize the plate number and passed it on to the police. Yes, there is a big bullet hole in the windshield, a dent on the hood where the bullet hit first and a dent in the bumper where they ran into the VW when it cut them off. They are going to stay in SMA for a few days until they stop shaking and they are going to the USA Embassy there to make a report.

They say to thank everyone for their concern.

Wow, that is SCARY !!
There is no way I will be able to talk my little sweetie into trekking into Mexico now.
Glad to hear they are okay.
Safe travels to all ... TnT

Statistic and odds are all one can apply to this horrible situation. Having the discussion as to whether Canada or the United States might give better odds seems of little solace.

Personally I wish Mexico would at least level the playing field and allow us (foreigners) to carry guns - would I carry one - not sure. But, the possibility of encountering return fire power for these monsters would be part of the solution I think.

Thanks for the update, Mexi-Croft. No doubt your new friends are itching to get back home to Alaska for some down time. What a crappy way to end their winter in Mex.
And I'm quite surprised at some of the comments on your blog saying this story should never have been posted... what the heck?
The internet is IDEAL for sharing true stories like this one. It's much better to read about this (from the actual couple involved) on a credible source like your blog, than hear about it verbally from a friend of a friend of a friend, who may distort the facts. Or FOX News who distorts everything.
For crying out loud, we're all adults here. Knowledge is power. The better informed we are, the better equipped we are to make personal decisions.
Oy vey.

Senor C - I can picture it now... you wearing a big black cowboy hat and flip flops, twirling two six shooters around your fingers - a mix of Dirty Harry and Miami Vice. "Come on banditos, make my day...."
Am I close? :)

Very close ;-)

Hi Dave and Kelsi,
We are in a different area of Mexico and we think a safer area, but we will always be on the alert. The folks who have left here are travelling in groups like we did when we came down. Safety is in numbers and we will be travelling with our neighbours. Most of the locals were quite happy to see us arrive and are sad that we are leaving soon. We'll be careful on our way to the US. If you are looking for travel companions go to Facebook - On the Road in Mexico- and fill in info on when you will be travelling or look up postings to find a travel buddy. Also check with the enewsletter Jaltemba Sol. It also has a travel post in there.
Mom and Dad

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