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November 22, 2012


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Well, here's the thing... *some* jobs don't really allow for time to pursue outside interests to a large degree.

There are things that I do when not working that I simply don't have the time (or *enough* inclination to do when I'm working. Exercising on a far > than normal/average level comes to mind...

When I'm not working (and am home), I will lift weights for about an hour a day and run the dog about another hour or so a day. Far more than that when we're traveling. It's not the inclination - it's the time. If I get home at 6 pm (or later) when I'm working, I'm mentally out of steam and don't want to do anything that requires too much self-discipline. I certainly can't spend 2 hours exercising a day. It's not pretty. The dog gets the "let's go around this circuit as fast as possible so you just get tired, shut up and don't nag me" treatment.

In theory, I agree - but in practice, not sure.

But by and large, it's true - except the mind is willing, but the body is weak - and getting weaker with every year. :-)

jjolie - that's a good example. But you said you already exercise now while you're still working, so you're already motivated to do it. Whether you keep doing the same amount when you quit work, or you start doing it more - you already have an interest in it.
I'm talking about starting a new hobby/project that you don't already have an interest in or participate in, at least to some degree.
I had good days and bad days (and busy and not so busy days) when I still worked full time, but I also pursued interests outside of work. And after quitting my full-time gig I just expanded on those interests/hobbies, but I didn't jump into a whole new set of things 'I've always wanted to do'.
Maybe I didn't explain it very well, but I always hear people say (or write in forums) that when they retire they are going to "go on a cruise and learn Arabic and open a book store and finally get in shape", etc. etc. My point is that your personality doesn't completely change when you retire - if you really wanted to learn Arabic or get in shape or whatever, you would have started doing that now - why wait 'til you're retired?
Time constraints aside, if something really interests someone, they're probably already doing it, at least to some degree.

You couldn't have said it better, if it is a true goal, a person will make time to do it while they are working. I retired at 48 and the things I pursued were not the things I thought I would while I was working. What we found was that we did more of what we enjoyed doing while we were working.

You and I are on the same wavelength, Mr P.
But now I'm wondering if some folks actually DO make a big life/personality change when they quit working.
I'm thinking about this lots lately because My Fella is 35 (nowhere near retirement age) but he works a seasonal golf job and takes half the year off. It's like he's retired for 6 months a year, and right now he's going through the same thing I went through a few years ago: how do I spend my time? Am I being productive? Am I contributing to society? What do I do with my day now that I'm not working? etc, etc.

We're very lucky to have this freedom at our age; it's just a matter of figuring out what to do with it. Hope that makes sense and doesn't come across as gloaty.
(Is gloaty a word? Perhaps I should use some of my free time getting reaquainted with a dictionary!)

p.s. RE: travel insurance - we just got it thru BCAA - $530 CAD for both of us for 6 months.

I too retired at age 37 and became a full-time RVer shortly after. That was 13 years ago. Since then I have carved out a dozen miles of mountain bike trails, learned how to play the ukulele, and I do my own RV/truck maintenance and repairs---all things I never did as a working stiff. So just give it some time.

Hey Diugo - maybe you and I should start the 'Freedom 37' Club :)
I totally see what you're saying but here's the question: did you like biking and traveling before you quit work or is this stuff all new to you? If these are all brand new pursuits, then you are probably the exception, not the rule.

I've always been active (tennis, rollerblading, hiking) and now I just do more of it, cause I have much more time. And during my working years I also found time for home renos and stock research and gardening and blogging, but only because those are things I like to do. I've never been interested in scrapbooking or shopping or martial arts or going for coffee etc. and I'm still not doing any of those things. They simply don't interest me.

I'm not implying that after people quit working they don't develop new interests.
What I'm saying is how surprised I am that the day-to-day things remain pretty much the same. My life did not dramatically change after leaving the work force. I love my life and the freedom to do what I want, but it turns out that what I WANT to do is just more of the things I've always liked doing, outside of work.

To me, Retirement = Time.
Nothing more.

But that's just me. YMMV.
(your mileage may vary :)

Exactly---the only real "truth" is, every retiree's mileage will vary. Some will choose to carry on the identical lifestyle they had before retiring, while others will see retirement as an opportunity to do things entirely differently. Most will fall somewhere in between.

Much of it is situational, eg it is hard to learn sailing while camping in the desert---so one has to choose one over the other, and that's not always easy. The good news is, we early retirees have a lot of time to make such choices :)

Hey Kels, really enjoy your blog. I would like to connect. There is a Cdn blog awards competition and I would like to nominate your blog. Are you okay with that? email me at:

Hi there, Bill B! (You know what's funny? I can't even read your name without immediately thinking 'OUTstanding!' You really should trademark that word :)

I'm honored that you think this blog is good enough to nominate for anything, so please feel free. I only update it when I have something interesting to share (otherwise it starts to feel like work). But hopefully irregular posts fit the criteria.

I miss your smiley face - please email me when you get a chance, and tell me what you've been up to...
kelsi at the youngest snowbird dot com

Hi Kels!
So happy for you and Dave living the dream! I am now able to make a living as a blogger, getting to travel to the states a few times a year. (I just picked up a fun seasonal gig at Art Knapps, playing with the Christmas stuff and working the odd shift as a Funeral attendant). This year Dave and I will be going to Mexico again once in January and again in March. Our goal is next year we'll be there for Jan, Feb and March. Pretty excited about it! I'll be 50 and Dave 43. We're also looking into the Dominican as my friend Ron lives there in the winter and there are lots of peeps our age doing the same.

Oscar is 12 in April. Where do the years go.

Happy Winter!!

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