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January 13, 2013


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This is definitely unusually cold weather for the entire southwest. Yuma is also a major hotbed for ag and we are bracing for a hard freeze both Mon and Tues morning. Monday I am escaping my chilly RV to catch up on several movies in the theater!

dugggg - We drove through Yuma several times, but have never stayed there for any length of time. I keep hearing that it's really breezy there - do you find it windy in Yuma during the winter months (outside of this cold weather)?

It's not as cold west of you closer to the Pacific. Inland areas and deserts have colder nighttime lows but all the bright sunshine has been beautiful.
One thing I love is standing on the beach and seeing all the snow covered mountains out your way.

The Colorado River valley can sometimes channel a good strong wind, but average wind speed is actually only around 7mph. Although it often seems breezy here, it's really just sunny---a 400W solar array generates ten times the daily energy of a 400W wind turbine.

Well thankfully the subfreezing morning temps never materialized here, but the high yesterday never topped 50, and with 20-40 mph winds all day, the wind chill was brutal.

Today is looking to be a carbon copy, but optimistic about 60s tomorrow and 70s by Friday!

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