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May 13, 2013


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I'm trying this ASAP! The kids will LOVE it!!

I read the same thing, but they just planted them (not using the water technique). I wonder if it could be done during winter? And how many plants you'd have to run to get about 1-2 cups of salad per day? How many days has your little grow-op been growing?


We like the Bandon area. Based on our half hour ride/stay around there, we could RV for several days. The minimalist Bandon Dunes golf courses are all the rave. I can see why.

Beautiful place - good history - and the Old Town is a lovely place to hang out.

Did not get to check out any RV parks but we did see some along the way.

tralalaMama - I'm glad I'm not the only one that thinks this is cool cause that would prove I'm a dork :)
I change the water in the bowl every couple days and I put it in a north facing window, but it may do better in the sun - not sure.
Let me know how the experiment goes...

jjolie - it's been about a week or so. We eat a lot of lettuce so it would take mucho stalks to get a salad but I'm excited to even get a few pieces of lettuce for a sandwich.
I might plant one of them in my planter box outside and see if they continue to grow.
By the way, I'm still waiting for updates from the lawsuit re PSN. What a gong show. Have you heard anything or have you given up?

Rene - thanks for the tidbits on Bandon.
Interested to hear about your import experience with the Harley. Getting Johnnydisco into Canada was a nightmare a few years ago but I'm sure the customs folk will think you look more innocent that I do :)

Is there any way of getting the newly grown lettuce to taste like bbq'd steak or chicken wings?

Thanks for the info! I'm going to have to try it!

Good plan on the sandwich front. Sometimes you only need a little bit.
Nope haven't heard anything. It's on the to-do list!

First attempt failed...just rotten core. Will try again this week. I'm determined!

tralalaMAMA - the growth has slowed down on my lettuces but the celery is taking off!

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