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October 17, 2013


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Hope it is nothing serious and you can get on the road soon.

Thanks Brenda. I try take care of my health but sometimes things just pop up. As you well know with what you and Roy went through this year...
The waiting is the worst but the outcome will be the same whether I worry or not, so I'm trying not to worry.

On a lighter note, your 'clothes dryer' pic made me laugh out loud. Very cute :)

Sending good energy your way! And happy to know about plastic chicken wire. I've been using the real wire on my raspberry bushes, but it's so difficult to manipulate.

Keeping my fingers crossed that you will soon be on your way.

raspberryMama - I have high hopes for the plastic chicken wire. We bought a 2' x 50' roll for about $11. I'll let you know if/how it works!

contessaQuePasa - thanks for the nice words. Had a needle biopsy yesterday (just about fainted when I saw the size of the freezing needle - GOOD LORD!!!!) and I should find out the results in 2 or 3 weeks.
But the doc says it looks good and gave me the okay to head south. So we're on our way tomorrow, as planned.

We are glad to hear the doctor let you head South, it means there is probably nothing to be concerned about. We will be sending you all our good thoughts and look after things here, in the North Okanagan, until we go South in January!

Thanks Mr/Mrs P :)

Glad it is all looking good and you are on your way. Safe and happy travels.
Glad you liked the clothes dryer, minimal maintenance is the best!

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