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February 11, 2014


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Woot! I have exponentially less shares than you do (my heart - and money - belonged to gold miners this last Xmas and am very very happy about that decision) but very happy for both of us w.r.t. RPL! I'll pretend we're having a toast right now. :-)

jjolie - no need to pretend ...I've been toasting happily since 1pm Pacific time :) I was wondering if you still owned RPL shares.
I also own some gold (PME, MMP.UN) and the recent bounce has been awesome.
So are you blogging again yet? I miss your posts...

I had actually thought about buying some RPL over the last couple of weeks... oh well, you snooze you lose.

But my wife gets her bonus in a few weeks, which amounts to about half of our yearly spending... so there's that at least.

Congrats on your rewarded patience Kelsi!

Oh yeah, you can buy lots and lots of vino and thumb your nose at the indexers that say it can't be done and don't waste your time. ;-) Toast away! I'm happy for you.

I've been really taken aback at the speed of the gold miners move. I did sell a bit of Goldcorp last week and sold my son's Pretivm at about 25% gain. It just seemed like a bit of a long shot and I don't like gambling with his money since he works so hard for it and it's harder for him to make it up if something goes south. We're mostly in GDXJ and it's been the best mover (and I think there's still 25%+ left to go), but also Goldcorp, Yamana, New Gold, Barrick, Mandalay, BTO, Silver Wheaton... I went into an absolute binge buying session over Xmas in one of those "What Was I Thinking to Over-Sector Like This?" kind of couple of weeks. Whew - guess I wasn't proven crazy. Funny how those can pan out though (no pun intended).

Nope, not blogging again yet. But I think I will, I do miss writing that way. Sort of like a journal but not. Different name and probably less financially oriented. I'm not sure how "useful" to others I was - probably not very. But I do like to look back at this weird zig zaggy path that is life and maybe laugh a bit, hopefully learn a bit - and hopefully make other people laugh a bit too.

I'd like to start a blog once I leave my job, or perhaps once I give my employer notice.. I have a title in mind that fits very well with what my life will become. Stay tuned.

So if you someday stumble upon a blog focused on ER, exploring the Baja and the BC coast by sea kayak, with tons of GoPro videos documenting my travels, it is likely mine. An interesting angle will likely revolve around a "retired" husband and a still full-time working wife. There are bound to be issues here, both expected and unforeseen.

The only thing holding me back is a possible loss of anonymity. Not sure I'm down with that yet.

Jacq, look forward to the resumption of your writings....

It was not a lot of fun for you over the last 18 months, we had gold miners which performed similarly, finally we are seeing a light at the end of the tunnel as well. I guess its the nature of being in the stock market. Months of hope, months of gloom and months of elation, a good variety.

kayak guy,
keep me in the loop - looking forward to reading it...

Mr P,
I hear what you're saying about gold. We only have two PM holdings, but they're both up a healthy 35% in the past month or so.

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