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April 26, 2014


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CPG and BTE are my big guns - needless to say, this kayakin' guy is happy these days. Recent acquisitions by both companies, according to "analysts", should send them north of $50.

If so, that should give me the final push to pull the ER chute during the Fall of this year.

Love the blog! Keep the posts flowing!

kayak guy - I agree, those are both good names. I've owned CPG a few times in the past.
Interesting tidbit: the founder/president of Surge Energy is Paul Colborne - the same guy who co-founded CPG in 2001. That's another reason I'm so pumped about the Surge/Longview deal... excellent management.

Just did a little reconnaissance on your holdings and now I know what they mean by the term "yield chaser". ;)

kayak guy - I prefer the term 'strategic yield chasing'. And that's why I always add the disclaimer "don't do what I do" :)
Although I must be pretty lucky, since 6.5 years after dropping out of the race race, I'm still 'retired' early and the portfolio is still growing.

It sure wasn't meant as criticism... after all I'm still working and you are not. :)

I have dabbled in a few high yielding energy stocks and have been wildly successful in choosing ones that seriously cut or cancel their dividends completely, which is then followed quickly by a collapse in the share price.

You seem to have a knack for when to get in and get out... A knack I am still trying to learn.

Didn't think you were being critical at all. Every investor has an opinion - that's what makes a market, right?

Portfolio holdings are misleading; especially mine since I hold different things for different reasons and in different accounts. I trade a lot in my registered accounts - for example, a low quality name like Spyglass would be bought at the lowest price I can get it after the dividend announcement. Then I ride it up for awhile and sell it before it goes ex-div. Those names I'm not in for the yield or long term growth, just a quick capital gain. In that instance I actually profit from yield chasers :)

A buddy of mine only has a couple of stocks in his portfolio. One is a bank that he trades constantly following your Spyglass strategy. It must be working as he's also full timing it in his RV, and travelling the world. Whatever works for you, I guess.

congrats on the stock advantages - wish I had the stomach for it.

I own 4 of the ones on your list. I can't get my head around the fact that I made more in the market this last 4 months than I do working - since I'm not paid minimum wage after all. However... my biggest successes this year have been with absolutely stellar companies with a fairly moderate to no dividend. Well, except Canyon which was just an all-around excellent pick at the time I bought.

Recent good buys were CLMT (luv their div growth - at 9.26% now) and PBR. Also dipped into SID again for giggles. Had 100%+ gain on that thing last year. And then I went and offset that with CUS - blagghhh! I'm not sure if I find their debt ratios acceptable but am glad they reduced their dividend by a reasonable amount.

jjolie - yeah, I was anticipating a cut to the CUS dividend, thinking it would be more than 27%. Hope that's enough.
I bought more on the morning after the results at $4.10 and sold it somewhere in the $4.60 range at days end. We still have a small position that I'm adding to on dips.
Friday was a bloodbath for most of my names though. Yikes.
The big thing to look forward to now is Surge reporting Monday morning before the open.

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