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April 20, 2014


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Ah yes, the deer! We have yet to see if our deer fence held and how much of Norma's flower garden has to be rebuilt from scratch. We delayed our return to soak up some of the sun that has avoided us all winter but are seriously heading towards cooler weather today!

Funny, they didn't even ask where we had been and of course it was Mexico nor did the fellow ask about fruits or veggies, just booze. He did seem more interested in us being able to travel for half the year. You crossed a day ahead of us

Welcome Home.

It's been a long time since I've considered deer "cute". To me, they are akin to oversized rats.

It's an ongoing process trying to plant things they do not eat. We have had limited success in "deer proofing" certain areas, though the fence surrounding the vegetable garden would make Alcatraz envious. :)

mexiCroft - but did you really look at the pic I posted? These crazy deer didn't even sniff at the bottom of the cedars where the mesh completely opened up. No no no... they ate thru the mesh on the top - to prove a point perhaps? It's like they're playing games with me.

p.s. Sounds like your lovely bride's gambling financed your whole trip, PLUS RV repairs. Go, Norma, GO!

que pasa contessa - yeah, booze seems to be a focal point. Don't wanna lose those tax dollars, do they?
Welcome home right back at ya!

kayak guy - yeah, I still think deer are cute though. And conniving. And scheming and crafty and devious and slick and slippery and tricky. But you gotta hand it to them; they have hooves and tails, yet they still outsmart humans. Well - ME.
They probably deserve the win.

Welcome home. If you need any extra deer or bear for the neighbourhood, come on over to the Westside. I filled up a third of a garbage pail with their crap last week, and they keep leaving more every night. Is there any way I can get them to crap in the forest where they belong?

So, there is this woman that goes to work every morning at the school down the street from us. She crosses the road about the same time that I am driving the kids to their school. Every time I see her, I have to do a double take. She is your doppelganger. I have to stop myself from saying hi and making plans to go out for a beer!!

R & S - how about we trade? I'll take all your extra deers and bears and give you all our coyotes. And a couple used bobcats.
Let me know...

My doppelganger? Cool. (She better not be hideous or you have some major 'splaining to do!)
But the similarities obviously end at looks if she works at a school. Can you imagine me doing that? Yikes!! I'd be fired for reckless spanking within the first week :)

Do you deliver? Bobcats sound like fun!


Hey Kelsi,

Don't write often but love, love, love reading your updates. In 20 years we've never been asked when returning to Canada whether we've been to Mexico or not, any idea why they'd ask that of you? Just curious as we have been in Mexico for dental work when being down south but, never been asked about it, just any repairs, where'd we go which we respond with just down to AZ, NV, Cal for a bit of a warm up, did we buy anything or any booze, firearms and that's been about it. Love to know what they are concerned about if we've been in Mexico for? Forewarned is forearmed (LOL). Thxs. H.

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