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May 12, 2014


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Bought 5000 shares on Friday - so yeah, go Surge!!!

kayak guy - Longview is 30% of our portfolio (waywaywayway too much, but we bought it cheap and I hung onto it) so I was pretty happy about Surge's Q1 earnings.
Best part?
"Average output increased to 15,024 from 9,636 barrels of oil equivalent a day, despite a bad winter in Alberta and Saskatchewan, and without including a full quarter of production from assets it acquired in February. If it adjusts for winter outages and the timing of the acquisition, Surge says production during the first quarter would have exceeded its year-end target of 16,850 barrels a day. The company plans to increase that target once it closes its acquisition of Longview next month."
THAT is very positive news - which makes an $8 share price by this fall seem realistic.
(Usual disclaimer: DON'T do what I do cause I'm often wrong...)

Now in mid June it has gone really high if I owned any I would take the money and run!

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