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October 19, 2014


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I dunno... could it be I might be starting to see the allure of the whole RV thing?

kayak guy - Really? Don't toy with me! Are you just mocking me, or are you starting to get a feel for this gypsy lifestyle?
Waking up somewhere fun and new every few days or weeks? Different scenery, different experiences?


Just found your blog.
My wife and I also in our 30s are trying out this snowbird thing. Heading to San Diego on the 101 in a week or so. I noticed you drove this route previously. Can you recommend any great campgrounds? Or ones to avoid? Thanks

Hi Josh & bride,
You didn't say where you were travelling from, but I'm assuming it's Canada or the northern USA?
I can't really recommend parks, because the more we travel, the more I realize we choose parks that other RVers may not like at all. For example, we don't mind traffic noise from the interstate or barking dogs, but don't wanna be anywhere near little kids playing.
But if you go to the categories section of this blog (upper left corner) and click on RV Parks, you can see where we stayed and what we thought of the park.
Another great resource is rvparkreviews.com. We use that website all the time.

And we LOVE travelling the Oregon coastline and southern California. Have fun on the 101!

Beautiful photos...

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