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October 25, 2014


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Definitely :)

A crappy experience but after a few days in the sun it will be forgotten! We might end up in the same neck of the woods as you, maybe we can get together and exchange deer" stories!

With one problem solved, here is hoping the level jack issue will be solved soon.

And just like that, my growing appreciation for the RV life takes a bit of a hit. ;)

LH - Can you please make your comments a bit shorter? You're taking up a lot of my comment room :)

We're not a very social couple BUT - most deer stories, along with RV stories, need to be shared face-to-face.
Let us know you hit this part of the world.

Thanks Rene,
Hopefully the jacks were just telling us they were tired after so much use. But if there is a problem that needs to be serviced, we're probably due.
We've been lucky; zero problems with the rig since we took it to Tiffin 3 years ago.

kayak guy - yeah, I hear ya.
On the other hand, think of all the small problems/issues your home and vacation homes may have had over the past few years. We live in the RV full-time, and this is really the biggest problem we've had in many moons :)

In an emergency I think that if your fellow put a pry bar like a tire wrench or piece of 2x4 under the edge of the stuck leveling jack foot and you moved the retract switch the jack would probably lift. It would probably not take too much effort.

Yeah, you'd think that should have worked, Mr P. But he tried that and no luck.

We have had the same jack problem a few times. In fact we lived with the jack problem for a year before we fixed it. My husband just uses a shovel to pry the jack up and it always goes up eventually. Turns out we needed a new spring. Not that expensive to repair. Another time is was more serious and we needed to have the solenoid changed, expensive. Good luck and please let us know the outcome.

que pasa contessa,
We've had the jack stick a few times too and My Fella was always able to pry it up, but not this time. It wouldn't budge.
I'm leaning more to the solenoid problem. Do you remember roughly how much that cost to fix?

$600.00 USD. It's the diagnosis that takes so long labour wise, at least it was for our rig due to internal positioning. We went to a Camping World. However when we got back to Kelowna that jack would still not retract so we had an RV tech guy come out and we needed to replace the spring, another $250.00CAD. Never ending. IF and when we get on the road later this winter I sure hope that it works.

I'd be lying if I said we didn't have sewage issues in our SJDC condo - especially the first 10 years we owned it. Been much better since.

When we fly from Vancouver down to Los Cabos I always get a window seat and hope cloud cover isn't too thick. The landscapes you see from the air are incredible and I really desire to explore the spaces BETWEEN the places I love, the Gulf Islands and the Baja. That is why I can't shake the feeling that RV'ing might be something for us to pursue down the road.

$600 bucks? YIKES!
Oh well, I guess it could be worse...

Dad had a problem with one of ours and he figured out how to fix it. It wouldn't go up either. I'll tell him to contact you if it hasn't been fixed yet.

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