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November 17, 2014


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Rio Bend is a nice RV park. We've stayed there in the past. The 9 hole golf course is challenging enough.

J & R - It's a nice green little course out in the middle of nowhere. And the tight fairways make it challenging for longer hitters.
We've golfed pretty much everyday and are pretty happy we picked this spot.

This was our first time as snowbirds and had read your previous comments about your border crossing experiences. So I prepared my border crossing binder and was well prepared. Never needed it. Just the usual questions about where we were going, how long, where we were from, what we did and how much cash we had. And of course 2or 3 questions about those DAMM Citris fruits. 5 minutes and we were over. Guess we looked old enough to be snowbirds. Thanks for the tips. I will keep my border binder up to date and handy.

Bruce - glad to hear your crossing was quick and smooth. It really seems to be hit and miss for us.
2 years ago we were stuck at the border for two hours and questioned by several different customs guys. Last year was easy peezy - we crossed in 15 minutes. And this year it took about an hour, with some really probing questions about money and bank accounts. ???
Anyway, have fun snowbirding - I'm gonna check out your blog!

I need to be near the ocean. Not sure I would like that spot for the long term. I was once shipped out to Alberta for work for a two month stint. I was miserable... I don't mind the B.C. interior as much, since the myriad of lakes soothe that itch somewhat... but I DO love the heat, and Rio Bend RV Park looks HOT. Here's wishin' you guys more than your share of birdie's. :)

Leaving for Baja in a few days - I will wave as we fly over Kelsi, because invariably our flight passes by just east of San Diego.

Of course you love the ocean. You're 'kayak guy' :)
The first couple weeks it was super hot in El Centro, but now the temps are perfect: sunny with highs around 27C and overnight lows of 10C.
We're excited to hang out here for now and golf - but by the end of December, we'll be ready to get back on the road.

Golf nearly every day - and then drinks in a hot tub - yup the kind of duty someone has to do - might just as well be you two ;-)

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