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December 19, 2014


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Nice job. The last time I took apart a reclining sofa I had cuts and scratches on my hands and arms for weeks.It doesn't look like you donated any blood to the cause.

Nice job!

Great job cutting the three seat sofa for two. Looks good.

Wow, I never realized that it was all made of removable pieces! Smart thinking.

rod, mexiCroft, rene - thanks! It was actually a lot easier to change out than you'd think. Of course, My Fella did all the work and he might disagree with that statement :) But it only took about 4 hours to get it all done.
Much better than giving it away and buying a new loveseat, an idea we tossed around before coming up with this plan.

Mr P,
I was on the floor playing with the dogs one day and realized the recliner was three pieces. Told My Fella so he flipped it over to see how hard/easy it would be to take apart. He got it done in about 4 hours.
Being cheap forces us to be efficient problem solvers :)

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