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December 20, 2014


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You two are very handy!

The new carpet looks great. To have the old carpet used for cutting the new piece makes good sense.

Very few companies seem to offer good sales and/or customer service training. I am not surprised that you had to deal with a putz. With few exceptions, we find ourselves in similar circumstances.

Rene & J,
We love Rio Bend RV/Golf resort, but we're not crazy about the town of El Centro. Maybe that's not fair since we've only been here 2 months. BUT...
In our experience, it feels like many people have lost hope because of the high unemployment rate and the ongoing immigration battles. And some problems with a nearby police department. There are lots of openly homeless people sleeping under trees and in parking lots. And it feels like many folks have lost pride in their work and the town itself. People of all ages. I can't tell you how many people I've seen littering openly - just throwing stuff on the ground in front of us. And leaving taps on in store bathrooms. Not self regulated taps, but faucets you have to physically turn on. At least five times, I've heard someone turn on the tap to wash their hands, then just leave the bathroom without turning it off. By the time I'd get to the sink, it would have a couple inches of water in it. Not sure why in the world someone would do that.
We'll definitely return to Rio Bend RV park, but we'll spend less time in town.

mexiCroft - as I commented in another post, being cheap is forcing us to become excellent problem solvers!!!

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