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December 06, 2014


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Been a lurker of your site for quite a while, vicariously dreaming of retiring early someday too!

What's your thoughts on the oil situation with the Canadian energy stocks. I'm trying to decide if there's any buying opportunities right now or wait as "analysts" keep saying 2015 may be a flat year for oil. Thanks Diane.

I think the picture with Normie may be my very favorite!

Nice work. Let us know how well it holds up. Our carpet is Ok after 6 years, but we don't have any pets. We are wondering what to replace it with when the time comes.

Hi Diane,
I have absolutely no idea if the bottom is in. World events and governments and hedge funds have manipulated oil prices down, but they could dump further. What's hard to believe is how much individual names have fallen too; good, sustainable companies along with the crappy ones.
I'm just hanging onto our div paying stocks and waiting it out.
But if I were just getting into the market right now with new money, I'd be thrilled with this huge drop and slowly putting money into good names. No one can call the bottom and the good companies will definitely rebound.
How do you feel about things? Are you invested?

He's more photogenic than I am. Don't you hate it when your kids look better than you in pics?

R&S - I'll do an update in 3 or 4 months.
The Allure planks were great value for the money - we only spent $100 total for the flooring and trim for the whole bedroom. Hard to beat that!

By the way, good advice to Diane. The recent events have me looking at small cap Oil stocks and wondering if I should jump in a little deeper.

I chose the EXACT flooring that you did 8 years ago. It has been fabulous. I have two dogs so there is lots of ball throwing, leaping and mud and snow in the winter, and it still looks good. Fast and easy to clean. Good choice. :-)

I have a little in some US trusts and they are down 40% in less than 2 months. I'm wondering about Jan 1 and my 2015 TFSA money.

I may just dollar cost average every month for a few months. I'm looking for the companies that still paid through the 2008-9 cycle.

Like you, I want to live off dividends.

I'm going to stay away from the smaller caps for now.

Glad to hear your Allure flooring is holding up. Do you notice scratches and scuff marks on it? How about dog nail marks? We're gonna see how the bedroom floor stands up to foot traffic and if it wears well we might finish the rest of our rig with the same flooring.

Diane - days like yesterday are pretty gut wrenching. Can't believe how many energy names tanked 5 - 15%. Whitecap, Crescent Point, Surge... wow. Complete capitulation.
Between tax loss selling, margin calls and panic sellers, I don't see things calming down til the end of the year.

Baytex dividend just got slashed, so instead of $400 monthly divy, I now get $200... probably lots more to come. At least my largest holding, CPG, according to most experts is very unlikely to cut the dividend. Small victories....

kayak guy,
I don't own BTE but I saw the news yesterday... First COS, then Trilogy and now Baytex. Who's next?
And I haven't looked at CPG for a long time. Hard to believe it was almost $50 only 4 months ago, and now it's trading at $25. This sell-off is completely irrational.

Have you tried closing your bedroom slide since you installed the vinyl plank? If so, how did it stand up?

No, it doesn't show nail marks at all or scuffing. In fact, a couple months back some people walked into my RV and were commenting on my nice flooring and couldn't believe it was 8 years old. So it has held up great. Those years have included me sitting on my bed at the back of the RV tossing the tennis ball to the kitchen area and the dogs doing full leaps and runs the length of the RV to fetch them. So I really couldn't have chosen a better flooring for my lifestyle.

We brought the slide in today. Didn't notice a thing. We'll see when we leave here how the bouncing around does on the flooring. But we are sooo happy to get that dirty, stinkin' carpet out there!!!

We didn't like the lino in one of the RVs we had years ago when we were in the US. One day we were in a dollar store and they had packages of self stick tiles that we thought would look nice on our floors. We bought them and put them on top of the factory lino. It turned out very well but a couple years later with our RV parked in storage in the hot sun the tile edges lifted slightly and curled. Memo to self, "Don't buy no name flooring at a dollar store"!

Mr P,
Good call! :)
Although for only 99 cents, you could replace it every couple years and always have a new floor.

I have high hopes for our Allure flooring. According to Darci (who's had it for 8 years) it's a good choice for an RV. And it sure looks good. If it wears well, we may decide to replace the rest of the flooring too.

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