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December 21, 2014


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We flew right over San Carlos on our way to San Jose Del Cabo... looked really nice, even from 40,000 feet!

Despite it being on the "wrong side" of the Sea of Cortez, I'd love to check it out one day. ;)

Enjoy you stay Kelsi and Fella!

You gotta like 'low-maintnance' women.
Can,t go wrong with Craftsman, can you

Low maintenance in some ways, but very high maintenance in others. Just ask My Fella :)

kayak guy,
San Carlos is pretty, but also pretty touristy. The nearby Mexican town is Guaymas. It's like Cabo compared to San Jose.
But we're excited to get to the beach... I'll wave at you across the Sea of Cortez when we get there.
Have you recovered from the energy freefall?

My energy stocks have recovered somewhat of late... nice pre-Christmas present.

I bought the same set on sale last year in San Luis Obispo, I put all my hand tools in the large one and it will fit in any of our cupboards. I think my wife bought stuff to fill the one I gave her.

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