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December 03, 2014


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Our carpet is kind of a taupe colour and hides stains fairly well however it is the short shag that is put in every RV. Its on the stairs and once it gets flattened, which doesn't take long, its very difficult to get fluffy again. Why not a BurBur, I ask. In fact I would prefer no carpet at all. One of our 1st major renos will be the removal of as much carpet as possible. Vinyl is much easier to clean up, especially with a dog and all the shedding. I'll just wear socks to bed for those midnight strolls to use the facility.

That looks like fun.... Wouldn't you rather be golfing?

We replaced the rug with engineered flooring in our first motorhome. Not having slides in that rig made it a fairly easy job although I did find out there are no straight walls or square corners in a motorhome.

Doing the same in our house after several decades was a little more disgusting, Don't believe them when they tell you 'deep cleaning' rugs removes everything! We found about 20 pounds of sand under our rugs!

That is a project and a half. Are you for hire?

Bruce - We're replacing the RV slide carpet with a darker, better quality carpet - it's just easier to install on the slide than any other flooring. But the bedroom carpet will be replaced with oak vinyl planks.
P.S. You know you're feeling comfortable in a blog community when you start talking about your bathroom habits!! :)

R&S - it's actually been soggy and wet here in soCal the past two days: a nice break from all that terrible sunshine :)
But the forecast is back to normal for this area today - sunny and 24C. How is it in AZ?

mexiCroft - the not-so-straight walls thing may be a problem in the bedroom, but we're prepared to put in quarter round or trim if we have any oddities or wierd spaces.
Did you use trim?

que pasa Contessa - My Fella does good work, but I'll warn you - he's not cheap. Easy maybe, but not cheap :)

I think the factory light colored carpet makes RVs look large and bright when the dealers are trying to sell them, after they are purchased people realize they are the wrong color for mostly outdoor owner types.

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