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December 26, 2014


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The golf shoes were truly a bargain. And to spend Christmas golfing is to be enjoyed. I know I would enjoy that!

All the best in 2015.

Another week and we will be heading in our RV to the South from the North Okanagan, the last month has been so gloomy, and now we got about 6 inches of snow today. Can't wait to get into the sun!

Mr P,
Yikes. The "S" word. California says "hi and hurry up and get here"!
By the way, the other thing I really like about those Craftsman tool/luggage bags - they fold up flat when you store them. They're so light and take up almost no space at all. Great find!

Very pumped to wear my new golf shoes. They have that vintage flap on the front like old school shoes.
Do you remember Rio Bend golf course? Everything slopes to the right??? On both xmas eve and xmas day I birdied #6, the hole that runs parallel to the lake. Damn right I'm bragging - that never happens to me :) It's enough to keep me playing this silly game...

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