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January 03, 2015


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The other night it was actually warmer back home in Campbell River than here in Desert Hot Springs, CA.

That's just wrong and bad on so many levels. Mexico is looking good again, isn't it? We'll be heading to Sonora by mid January. Hopefully to warmer overnight lows...

Just a couple more days of this to put up with. Stay Strong! Resist the long sleeves and long pants! Or at least try ;)

I own one pair of pants. My Fella only owns 4 and two of those are golf pants. We are not equipped for this, so I guess we just have to move further south!

Kelsi, you have to admit, kind of a first world problem. ;) We fellow early retiree's don't have much to bitch about. :)

Hope you find warmth soon. BTW, heading down to San Jose in April for a month. Why? Because I can! I'm only 4 months into ER...so, so, good...

kayak guy,
Totally agree. But I'm still gonna whine. The more I whine, the faster My Fella drives to Mexico :)

Surge Energy just cut it's dividend by 50%. Not sure you still hold this...I do. :(

kayak guy,
Yeah I was waiting for the news release. We don't hold Surge at the moment, but I've been trading it for several months. Made (and lost) money on this name.
The div cut was expected and the only responsible thing to do in this energy environment. The CEO modeled 2015 WTI at $58USD which is the lowest of their peer group, and they had great drilling results. The share price will move with the price of oil, but it should pop a bit over the next couple days since investors were waiting for this news. The news release is positive in my eyes.
What I can't believe is that CPG did NOT reduce their dividend. And they modeled WTI at $68 for 2015. That's REALLY optimistic.
Hopefully oil starts heading up soon; our portfolio is down more than 50%!!

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