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January 02, 2015


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Welcome to Arizona. Try and stay warm.
We usually keep our awning and sun-shade up all winter, but we've pulled it in to try and get as much sun in the RV as we can to try and keep things warm.
Monday looks like it's going to be the start of warmer weather at last.

Yikes, that colder than Vancity!

We stayed in Tucson a few years ago and I remember February being chilly, but not January. Only a high of 10C today. Accck.
Need to go buy some pants!

kayak guy,
I know, right?
At least the sun is shining here... Makes it seem warmer than it is.

We've been in Gold Canyon, Az for the past 2 weeks after a month in Tucson. Its been getting a bit cooler each day for the past few weeks. Disconnected the water a couple of nights just in case. Forecast says heat is on the way. Good thing cause Im loosing my tan.

60+ by Monday, and 70 by Wednesday. Can't hardly wait!

This cooler weather is probably a good thing cause it reminds me how lucky I am to get away from the yucky snow and ice back home.
And the warm-up starts tomorrow!

Have stayed. It is just okay but not our thing. Happy New Year!

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