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January 10, 2015


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You never really know what kind of advice you'll get on a blog, do you? Did both of you shave your legs before swimming?

Remember to get a refund from ICBC for the time you are out of their coverage area, it will make that insurance amount a bit more bearable.

Playa Algodones is where the movie "Catch 22" was filmed.

Only My Fella did. But he's very manly in many other ways :)

mexiCroft - you're full of good info.
You should set up a booth like Lucy from the Peanuts comic strip. You could charge 5¢ for advice. "The Doctor is In" :)
By the way, My Fella looked up the movie Catch 22 and now he wants to see it. Stellar cast!

Please tell me you are coming all the way down here to Mazatlan. Sorry about the crappy and emotional drive south. Wish I could fix it for you.

Ugh...that picture of the pangas pulled up on the beach suddenly has me missing Mexico. Please, keep the Mexico blog updates so that I can live vicariously through you.

I think I may skip down to SJDC this April..so far (and many Vancouver rain storms) away. :(

quepasa contessa,
Thank you for the kind words.
No Mazatlan this year. We had some sad dog experiences on the drive south and for the first time ever, I'm losing my passion for Mexico. There are so many things to love about this country but the negatives are getting harder to take. I could feel entirely different in a few weeks or months, but right now we're on the fence about coming back.
Which is nutz cause I always thought we'd retire in Mexico.

Oh no...

We have always been well aware of Mexico's "warts" - and let's face it, they are MANY. But the positives have thus far outweighed the negatives by quite a margin.

Again, I am very sorry for you guys...

kayak guy,
Me too - about the warts. I've been traveling to different parts of Mex since the early/mid 90's. I would always fly south and rent a car. In 2007, My Fella and I started driving down and staying for several months at a time. Crossing the border via land instead of air offers an entirely different perspective.
I don't wanna sound overly dramatic, but our recent trip south thru Sonora was very negative and hit us both. Still need time to process things. But we're determined to enjoy our stay in San Carlos; more panga pics to come!

Warm up relax and Mexico will sooth you. I've just returned and can't stop thinking about going right back down.
We did fly down and that makes everything very easy.

Make sure you try the captains club south end of marina

I hope everything is okay, but it's not sounding like it is. You and your traveling family are never too far from my thoughts.

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