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January 23, 2015


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A few posts back, when you referred to something animal related that upset you...well, I had a feeling it might be about this.

It is one of the aspects of Mexico that I HATE. In the Los Cabos region, it is so much better than it used to be. 15 years ago, when you strolled into town for dinner, it was unusual to NOT see a dying dog (diseased, old, or hit by a car) just left there to suffer. Now, it is quite a rarity. The thing is, much of the improvement has been brought about by gringo snowbirds...the locals have been a bit slow on the uptake...but again, it is so much better than it used to be. Get out the resort region though...and things can get ugly again.

Like you said though, still lots of ignorance and stupidity to go around in the U.S. and Canada. *sigh*

Your post made me think. In the last several years we have spent a combined total of close to 48 months driving through every State of Mexico. We avoid the resort areas, much preferring the Colonial areas of the interior. Now in all those thousands of kilometers I must have seen a dead dog on the street somewhere but I certainly cannot remember one. We have friends in Merida and Chetumal who volunteer many hours to their spade/neuter clinics and who tell me the problem of strays is almost under control.

One told me that Coke and Soriana had donated pop and pastries and everyone who brought in a dog was given a treat. Some young people made several trips throughout the day, rounding up strays.

Our son in Canada spent hundreds of dollars on final vet bills and expenses for one of their dogs who died. For poor people, this is just not an option so it stands to reason there would be more dead animals visible in Mexico but they must be picked up by city or highway crews. I guess you were ahead of the crew on your trip down. It is unfortunate you saw that ugly side.

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