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February 28, 2015


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How nice of you to think of the poor dear. I wonder if they will think of you when your flowers are in bloom? LOL

Kelsi, you are hilarious! Yes, you are sending the deer a mixed message!

But there's more...
Our local deer have already been on the horn with their hungry Van Island cousins, sharing the good news. Don't be surprised to get home and find the island deer sitting behind your fence, waiting patiently for Norma to feed them.
Tell her I'm sorry :)

Surprised I haven't already found an 'anonymous' list of what they want me to plant this year :)

One of the bonuses with having a sticks and bricks home and garden is that I have a compost bin. That way I don't have to throw the veggies away or feed them to the deer. I still have an opportunity to see the deer laugh at me when I try and scare them of with my wildly inaccurate slingshot.

They are lovely animals. Enjoy.

We do so much gardening/landscaping I'm thinking of building one. Did you build it or buy it? Is it hard to maintain?
p.s. My Fella has a slingshot too. He doesn't pull it out much, but it kinda sounds like you guys went to the same accuracy school :)

senor C,
Totally off topic, but that pic of your bride and La Pita is lovely. Can't get over how pretty your wife is. Good grief, her hair alone is amazing!
And I'm a chica - I know about hair :)

Our bin is a plastic one that came with the house, and they're available at Bylands or Home Depot or other such stores. It's easy to maintain, although I was told you need to layer in some dry material like straw every once in a while to keep the compost from turning into slime, but we haven't had any issues not doing that. I do dump in some soil from the back of the 'estate' every once in a while and every spring I have more than enough compost to add to the veggie garden. I did have a bear pull off the door on the unit a couple of years ago, but it's definitely been a great addition to our yard.

Almost forgot to mention that I have a device that turns a bit of the pile a bit every time I add some material. It just buries the new stuff a bit and brings the good stuff to the surface. Eeezy peezy.

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