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February 26, 2015


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I have been fortunate for the most part. Yes, I own my share of "oily" names, but by far my biggest holding, CPG, has weathered things quite well. It's been hovering around 30-$33, while I initiated the majority of my position at around $36...many years ago. The juicy dividend has remained untouched *crosses fingers*... my pipeline holdings (IPL) continue to perform well, and they have even raised their dividend of late. There are oily DOGS such as Long Run, Twin Butte, that have tanked, but they are smaller positions...thank god. Surge Energy is showing signs of life of late...

I own large positions in other sectors (yes, DIVERSIFY!) which have allowed me to fare quite well during the oil thud...BCE (I hold a s*** ton of this), TD bank (raised divy today!), AAPL, various REITS. And boring ol' dividend ETF's such as ZDV have fared fine. Pleasant surprises such as CHE.UN and BPF.UN have also contributed. Almost everything I own, except AAPL, pays me to own it.

I am still in the process of learning how to "ignore the noise"...mixed results there, but getting better.

Kelsi, gotta admit, I have missed your investing related posts....I really enjoy your viewpoint. More please. :)


I really enjoy your blog. My portfolio is down (on paper) ~$100,000 since September but I did a smart move (in hindsight).

In December I sold a couple of the stocks that were in my non-registered account for tax loss selling. I then locked in a capital loss for them that I can use later against gains.

I bought them back in late January. The gov't says that you have to wait a month to rebuy or else you can't claim the loss.

I rolled the dice that the price would still be down when I re-bought, and they were.

So, net-net I still own the same stocks but I get to claim a decent capital loss through it all which will reduce my taxes paid at some point in the future.

Thanks for the blog, Rosholt.

kayak guy,
I don't own CPG or LRE. And I trade around SGY in my RRSP, but don't hold it right now.
Our largest holding is/was Twin Butte so stop saying it's a dog. That's a huge insult to dogs everywhere!!! :)
TBE should come back with the price of WTI and they have great hedges in place for 2015. Plus they modeled the CAD/USD exchange at .87 cents and it's much lower, so that helps too. But if oil stays at $50 for all of 2015, I might start to panic...
You own any oil service companies? They've all been thumped too ... I've started looking at SDY.to.

Hi Rosholt,
I wish we were down only 100K on paper.
Good move on your part with the tax loss selling. Funny you mention being lucky in hindsight: I think investing is half research and a lot of luck!
This energy dump has been a good diversification lesson for me; unfortunately it's one I have to keep re-learning.
But it's exciting in a way since it motivates me to start researching companies in other industries, outside my comfort zone.
Thanks for reading - please chime in if you stumble over any good investing ideas!

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