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February 19, 2015


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So, are the Crocus blooming yet?

Probably somewhere in the world... but not around these parts. We are crocusless.

Another new word!

Heading home very early - homesick or out of loonies (hating the current conversion rate?)

senor C - running out of loonies and a little bored too. Even with the travel and my morning stock stuff and our daily golf or tennis or hikes, etc - we're just bored.
The balance is out of whack. We need more work/productive time and less play time. Never thought I'd be saying that, but it's so true :)

I love the onion shot, I also do things like that to keep myself amused on the road :-)

mrs MaxxTrails - I just checked out your blog... you take some great pictures. Brought back good memories of exploring Bisbee and Tombstone!

Been offline for abit so catching up on your blog. Thinking of heading west to BC next fall for a drive down the coast to winter in CA. Have you taken Hwy 101 down the coastline. Looks interesting but lots of switchbacks and we are hauling a 37' 5th wheel. I will have to do some research this summer.

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