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February 02, 2015


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Nice....,very nice.

Nice to see some pictures by the water again. You get some great views.

The first time we were there remnants of the set of the movie 'Catch 22' were still on the beach. It is a beautiful spot.

Like Baja California Sur, yet different. Would like to check it out someday.

Been following your journey for a while... love seeing your adventures!

I'm really trying to crack down and plan out some numbers for what to save where and when we'll be able to "quit the rat race" etc.

There are two sticking points that I don't quite understand yet.
1) Where to save the money for early access? Work 401k and roth IRA have limits of ~age 60 for withdrawals... I do obviously save enough to get the company match, but am not sure beyond that.
2) How does the 4% rule fare with inflation? ie: 1 million dollars in 2040 will generate 40k per year at 4% withdrawal rate, but how much will 40k really buy at that time?

I wanted to send you an email about this but couldn't find an address... Hoping you can blog about something like this. (I'm in the US but I'm assuming there are some similarities to Canada.)

merci, Rene!

Have you been to San Carlos? Hard to believe how empty that beach was. Not just that particular day, but every day we were there, including weekends.
Summer & Mex holiday weekends are probably much busier.

My Fella wants to see the movie now that you've mentioned it a few times. The cast looks amazing.
But what do you mean when you say 'remnants'? That sounds ominous, especially for a war movie...

kayak guy,
I haven't been to Los Cabos in about 6 years. Can you still find empty beaches or do you have go further north up the coastline?

My wife and take a Jeep up the east side of the peninsula quite often - we always have miles of pristine beach to ourselves...more donkeys on the beach than people. Provides "unique" sunbathing opportunities... ;) The beaches in San Jose, while not exactly busy, are busy enough for us to drive 30 minutes out of town to seek deserted shores...

I am thinking about heading down for the month of April. But I also have plans to get a big garden going on our Gulf Island acreage this year...a ton of work to do. I'm really torn on this...

Hey AmandaRae,
Congrats on your plans. Your questions are a little beyond my scope of knowledge. I learned most of what I know about saving/investing, etc. from this online forum: www.financialwisdomforum.org.
It's free to join and the members are diverse and very, very smart. They welcome newcomers and are more than willing to answer questions (like the ones you posed) if you're serious about learning.
FWF is also well moderated so there aren't any trolls. It's the best money/learning site I've run across and I've recommended it to tons of friends who want to learn about personal finances and retiring early with an income stream.
Good luck - let me know how it goes!

kayak guy,
"unique" sunbathing opportunities...
That made me laugh out loud. Sounds like a good name for YOUR early retirement blog :)

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