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February 18, 2015


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EQUAL pay or lack there of for poor performance - makes sense to me.

Heading home so soon?

Senor C - HOLA!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's been forever. In fact, I'm gonna head over to your blog right now to say hi. Wave if you see me :)

p.s. It WAS a 290 yard drive and that wasn't even his best one. The others were all in the 300's!

R - surprisingly, we are. Hard to believe, but we're both really bored. Talk about 'first world problems'...
After 8 years of doing this, it's become clear that we're a teeny bit young to snowbird for 6 months. We both need to be home accomplishing something, for at least 7 or 8 months of the year. I think next year we'll leave Canada in mid November and stay til the end of March-ish.

That little Normie is my fav. That is a great shot of him.
I wish our boy would travel like those two. He never lays down.
A little more radio work in your future?

Same thing happened to us, we were going to full time forever and all of a sudden it wasn't as much fun anymore. A month before that we were looking at larger RVs ($$$$$) to make our full timing easier.

'p.s. It WAS a 290 yard drive and that wasn't even his best one. The others were all in the 300's!'

Consider me duly impressed!

Brian - never say never, but probably no more radio for me... unless it's just a fill-in gig at a small town station. More likely I'll try landscaping or work at a summer fruit stand. I don't want to be tied down anywhere cause we'll still be heading south for the winter for 3 or 4 months.
What kind of mutt do you have? We're so lucky that both of our pups are great in the moving RV. But Normie gets car sick and always throws up in the car. Figure that one out!

Mr P - But you still have a house, right? Were there plans to sell your home and RV full-time?
We sold our house and live full-time in JohnnyDisco; and we still love it. What we're cutting back on is the travel. My Fella and I decided we'd like to be in one spot for at least 8 months a year - working and contributing to the community. Accomplishing something again. A golf course job for him and landscaping or something similar for me. Then we'll still head south for 3 or 4 months.
I have to start doing some actual work again or I'll go crazy in the summertime. I can only landscape our RV lot so many times. It's time to let the trees stay where they are and grow :)

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