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February 22, 2015


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Last year you didn't even depart for home until the very end of Feb. - so you are almost a month sooner back - Was this in the plan - because it would seem like you still have a stretch of winter ahead of you.

February? Give your head a shake! Oh well, at least you'll be ready for golf season early.

We're headed home too - also early for us. We usually get home the end of March. We're just behind you visiting with friends in Nampa. We stay at the Home Depot in Omak but we're ok without electricity. Good to know about the Casino though.


You should have stayed in Omak! Good grief, the next few weeks are not going to be fun.

senor C,
We usually cross back into Canada in April since My Fella starts working mid April. For some reason this winter we got bored after 4 months on the road and were itching to get back home.
Our life balance is out of whack: too much play and not enough work. At the RV lot in BC we have outdoor sheds to arrange and snow to shovel and wood to chop and seeds to start - work to do.
We need things TO DO. Doesn't make much sense to me either, but I'd rather be at home right now in the cold weather and DOING something, than on the road in the sun. Next year we'll leave later (mid November) and stay til late March.

I know, right? What the heck???
But we were just ready to come home. And the grounds crew here at the golf course set up one of the hitting cages inside their heated shop - so in between working outside on sunny days, we've also been hitting balls in the shop :)

Not sure what part of BC you're heading to but the weather in our area is blah. Colder than normal forecast for March anyway. Ack.
We checked out your website though. My Fella loves all things camo, so he was very intrigued with your mode of transportation :)

quepasa contessa,
AND the forecast for March is cooler than normal temperatures too. Yuck yuck yuck.
If it's sunny I don't mind 8 to 10C, but on gloomy days it's harder to take. What's the temp on the Isla today?

I find this development a bit shocking to be honest...you guys seem a bit lost. I'm not sure how long I've been following this blog but I've never seen you guys in this state.

Would love to hear further thoughts on the deeper reasons why you guys are feeling like this. Is this need to be PRODUCTIVE a reaction to investments being in a depressed state?

This blog was one of my inspirations to shoot for ER myself - to hear that you are BORED...this shook me a bit. Hope you figure it out...wishing you the best.

Never have been bored in my life.... We should talk - maybe you can help me invest or something.

kayak guy,
I'm probably not explaining myself well.
My Fella and I have been wintering in the south since 2007; I was 37 and he was 30. We've seen lots of the USA and Mexico and we still plan to go south every winter for 3 to 5 months.
But at this point he's only 37 and I'm only 44¾ :)
And doing a few hours of stock stuff every day just isn't keeping me busy enough. I get up at 5:30am, try make a little money in the market and by 10 or 11am, I'm bored. And I still have the entire day ahead of me. For the past few summers, even with all the yard work and golf and stuff, I was constantly racking my brains trying to find things to do.
When I worked full-time in radio, I usually had other projects on the go: renovating houses, charity work, plus I had a side business producing radio travel features. And during my last 18 months in radio, I compiled a book with other female dj's that raised money for charity. I LIKE being busy.
My Fella and I love traveling south for the winter, but lately I'm not enjoying it or even appreciating it as much as I used to. My life balance is totally out of whack.
Bottom line is that I need to stay busier and more productive during the months I'm home in Canada, to still appreciate our southern travels during the winter.
(Remember when you said your wife didn't really want to retire yet? I'm kind of understanding that now :)

You are both planning things very well, if you are not happy doing what you have been doing then a change will do you good. It's better then falling into a rut of doing nothing and being bored. And that rut can be very deep. When you do take holidays or retire again you will enjoy it twice as much. It is nice that you enjoy the stimulation and challenge of working. Smart thinking on your part.

We're headed to Fintry Prov. Park between Vernon and Kelowna where we are the new PFOs. We are a bit early as we start work April 1 but we get to move into a HOUSE after living in the van ...,. with a five year old and a husky - for the last 16 months! At this point we don't care what the weather is we want in that house!!!! We get bored and travel weary also.....

Thanks Mr P. My Fella and I will still go south for 3 or 4 months in the winter. Seeing as our home is portable :)
But I'm really excited about working again, even if it's just a few hours every afternoon.

A PFO? I had to look that up. Sounds like a fun gig. How long have you been doing that? Bet it's a great job in the summer. Except for long weekends :)

Sorry! I should have wrote it out! It's our 6th season! A great job except for laying down the law on the rules. Long weekends are tough mainly because they last a week with campers coming early to get a spot and leaving late to wait out all the traffic. It suits us though and means we can do it as a family while having time to homeschool Cassia.

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