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February 12, 2015


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We've been thru Nothing. I even have a picture. We took the same route you took but the opposite way. Stayed at Tradewinds and drove car to the Grand Canyon in fall of 2013. I've never got a clear pic of Las Vegas like you did. Safe trip home.

Being 1st time snowbirds we have learned a lot. 1stly, booking way ahead isn't really necessary as most parks we have seen have lots of vacancies. 2nd, the big parks seem to be a bit cliquish. 3rd since it is our first time we are so busy taking in the sites that we hardly use the services provided. Perhaps staying in one place for 5 months would be different.
Next year I think we will wing it a bit more, stay in smaller parks with fewer amenities and a lower price. Course my DW likes everything organized months in advance so I may get overruled.

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