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March 01, 2015


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Hey, we are on the California coast, been here 2 months and suddenly we have thousands of lady bugs here on the beach too!

Gotta love BC, no matter what time of year. Nice pics!

We usually leave our Salish Sea island for a week in the Summer when we rent a cabin in the Shuswap with some friends from Alberta. Cool to know we are in your 'hood! Love visiting the area - and LOVE the heat!!!

Mr P - did you find out what that was all about? I've been googling it but haven't really found an answer.

Thanks for all the info on the compost bin. You hit on the number one reason I've been reluctant to buy/build one: bears. We have bears walking thru our RV lot and around the golf course quite regularly. Last year a bear actually opened a nrighbour's outdoor fridge and pulled out all the fish! True story!
Gonna have to think about this a bit more...

kayak guy,
Wave if you're in our 'hood this summer.
And next time I'm having a few beverages with friends I'm gonna bring up 'The Salish Sea' and see who can say it five times fast... :)

Searching the internet I didn't get a clear answer about why there could be so many ladybugs on the beach. A couple of sites suggested that winds could blow them from inland to the ocean and that some may land on the shore. Another site said they could be in the sand to eat the salt and minerals in it. One bit of info I got is that when they are in groups there could be millions together. So a lot in any one area is normal.

Years ago I was told that lots of lady bug is a very good sign in that they are environmentally sensitive. If there are a bunch of them then the local eco system is in good balance - just what I read or was told. Congratulations on that.

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