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March 30, 2015


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Holy smokes, that's a huge amount, like 10x what I would have thought you would have found! You have a gold mine in your neighborhood!

A friend of ours lived on a golf course and would get 10 to 20 balls in his yard every week. He would wash them and sell the best ones. I guess lots of guys lose their balls on a golf course.

Mr P,
And those were from a very small section of the creek. I bet we find 10 times that amount before we're done.
I see a LOT of ball washing in my future...

Ain't that the truth! Some courses more than others... :)

Just check closely to see if you find any with my name on them. I'm sure I left a few in there. lol

Hi Mavey,
I'll keep an eye out for your initials. Any particular brand you like? In other words, are you a ball snob like your son? He'll only hit titleist pro-vs or srixons.
Wonder if he got that from you or Pa-Outlaw ... :)

'He'll only hit titleist pro-vs or srixons'

When you are close to a scratch golfer choosing your balls is critical.

Looking forward to golf on the tube this week ;-0

Just a hello. I drop in from time to time to check up on ya! xxoo

senor C - how about that 21 year old champion? Holymoly!

Well HI, erinSkye! It's been a long long long long long LONG time.
How've you been?
Still in Calgary?
Still in radio????

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